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Distribution Services

A winning combination of more than 300 qualified professionals plus cutting edge software for doors and hardware are why UDHG is your solution for today’s demanding door and hardware environment.  We have our eye on quality and integrity every step of the way.

Unified Door and Hardware Group's reliability and experience do not stop with Division 8.  The Group’s expertise and commitment extend to Division 10 and Division 28.  When you work with a UDH Group Affiliate, the choice is yours to either combine the Division 8, Division 10 & Division 28 packages, or to procure separately.

You will notice a profound difference when comparing Unified Group’s distribution services to other distributors.

Detailed Proposals:

  • Our affiliated Companies prepare comprehensive proposals that are carefully  reviewed with our proprietary quality analysis.
  • The level of detail on UDHG proposals simplifies your comparison during the rush to compile your tender.
  • Your purchasing phase will be less complex when referring to UDHG detailed proposal.
  • Our estimating professionals are ever ready to conduct scope review with you.

Computer Generated Submittals:

  • Computerized shop drawings include a door and frame schedule that lists each opening; and further identifies elevations, detail sections and profiles.  
  • Detailed hardware schedules are compiled by our system, and reviewed by AHC’s against the shop drawings, specifications and design.  
  • Our software identifies inconsistencies and conflicts between specified products and design, to be noted in the submittals.
  • The compilation of hundreds of part numbers from multiple manufacturers creates overwhelming possibilities within the submittals. Unified’s technical group meets this challenge "head on" with quality assurance that is conducted by both system and human analysis.
  • Upon request, our software can readily break out data by floor, phase, area, etc.
  • Cloud-based document distribution and control, allowing you immediate access.

Managing Your Project:

  • The sheer number of UDHG professionals and exceptional quality of our resources, insure “on time and correct products” for your project.   
  • Unified and its affiliated Companies are organized to mirror your needs.  Upon receipt of your order, a UDHG Project Management team is assigned your project.  
  • Our PM team will coordinate with your Project Managers for everything during the procurement and fulfillment stages - from submittal submission and approval, delivery schedule requirements, job meetings, RFI’s, RFQ’s, call backs, etc..
  • LEED dedicated staff will prepare LEED worksheets that coordinate data from the many manufacturers included in UDHG’s scope of work.
  • Unified’s various facilities located throughout the United States have the ability to fast track manufacture and modify hollow metal to meet the need for “early release” of select frames, or other situations that may arise.
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