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Hardware Pre-Installation

Unified Door & Hardware Group's hardware Pre-installation team helps you avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.
We can install hardware onto doors prior to shipping, which streamlines the construction process.

Pre-Installation Services

Pre-installation is the process in which hardware such as hinges, door closers, exit devices, locks, electrified hardware, and flat goods are installed onto the doors prior to shipping to the jobsite. The entire process can save you time, help meet your deadlines, and provide a hassle-free jobsite installation.


Benefits of Pre-Installation 

  • This service allows the doors to be delivered closer to the actual installation deadline, which reduces the potential for on-site door damage.
  • Pre-installation allows UDHG to catch manufacturing or product defects and fix them prior to delivering materials.
  • This process also contributes to LEED construction. We recycle packaging at our shop, which saved jobsite waste. 

We can provide you the door according to your needs; per floor or project.

Each skid comes with attached directions, strike plates, screws and any extra hardware to the corresponding door.



Safety and quality are important to us.

That is why we package a maximum of 8 to 10 doors per skid. Twist of dozen screws, and your door is placed very fast! Two additional twists and the strike plate is installed and the installation job is done.

Quick and easy for you!



Our Pre-installation service saves you time and leads for and effecient installation at your jobsite.

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